Fat is a social construct

Fat in itself is not instinctively unhealthy or unattractive, society attaches these implications to someone who is “fat”, whose meaning as used implicitly nowadays is no more confined to scientific assertions. Being obese is an unhealthy condition in the harmful way fat dominates body mass, but the word “fat” has been stigmatized and abused so constantly it has become a hateful insult to everyone who has any fat visible, which is 99% of the population, one that is meant to permanently damages one’s self esteem and even capable of influencing one’s lifestyle afterwards. People don’t call others fat after knowing their BMI or Body Fat percentage, they do without taking a look at how one eats or exercises, without even knowing if underneath those sleeves are dangling sags or toned triceps. People call others fat when they see how much fat there is on others’ bodies and compare that to themselves and others who they deem attractive/having a desirable body. The concept of “fat” as a derogatory term, an unideal health condition, representation of laziness or inactivity, and unattractiveness, is as much a social construct as race. As ridiculous as it is this concept has impacted millions of people, young and old, East and West, male and female, making them feel less worthy when in reality they are just victim of a horrendous mass torture inflicted upon us by our own selves. The stigmatization of fat is social expectation in its cruelest form, the kind that labels and defines us.

We should have expectations for ourselves but never for others. This sounds easy enough if we don’t realize that there are plenty of expectations we assign to others unconsciously. Men should have huge biceps, women should look slim, mothers should cook heavenly and fathers should know everything and anything in the world. Each of us qualifies and excels in different things; no one has to be anything, at all, ever. These things have been said so many times, but they need to be said again, because someone out there still does not understand. That humans are humans and we define things, not the other way around.