I am a bibliophile. I am a thinker, an especially self-contradictory one. I am an artist expressing art in the way I express myself, because my life, as how I usually think of it, is a work of art. 

I have two dogs and a house full of flowers. I have a head full of thoughts and multiple obsessions. I have trouble writing an autobiography because I have trouble understanding myself.

People say I like philosophy too much to be realistic. It is the most abominable nonsense I have ever heard.

Most of the writings are unpolished, resembling diary segments more closely than published works. You’ll probably learn a few secrets if you look for them.

Vietnamese currently living in Boston, Massachusetts.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I never thought myself to be philosophical when I was very young but that is who I am and what many of my writings show. Be who you are and let go of what others may think or say for in that is where what you say will be understood and the path you choose will be meaningful to you.


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